Stop to Contemplate the Sky

skyYesterday I read Turgut Uyar’s poem “Stop to Contemplate the Sky” (Göğe Bakma Durağı), which Burhan Sönmez alluded to in his article “The Aesthetics of Resistance.” I really liked it, and I thought I’d try my hand at translating it. Actually, it might have already been translated into English; there are a number of collections of modern Turkish poetry in English translation, all by famous poets/translators (See, for example, Murat Nemet Nejat’s Eda, Talat Halman’s A Brave New Quest and Suat Karantay’s Contemporary Turkish Poetry. But unfortunately, they’re not available in my university’s library, and not on the Internet either, so I have no way of checking at the moment). Mine is just an amateurish attempt anyway, I’m not even sure if I figured out everything about the poem, but I still want to share my version with the rest of the world 🙂 All suggestions welcome!

Stop to Contemplate the Sky

We may both rejoice, let’s contemplate the sky

Recuperate my eyes, which I’ve been wasting on

These fickle streetlights, sugar canes,

Milk teeth, suns, weeds

Hold these timid, fumbling hands of mine

Skip these houses, and these too, and these too

Let’s contemplate the sky

*                    *                    *

We’ll soon be at so-and-so stop, let’s contemplate the sky

We’ll yell at the driver and he’ll let us off

The darkness is fine like this, well done God

Let everyone sleep, that’s good; that pleases me

The thieves, the policemen, the rich, the poor; let them sleep

Let everyone sleep, except for you, except for me

We’ll be when everyone’s gone, let us not sleep

We’re drunk anyway, we’ll kiss on the streets anyway

Let me be, let’s contemplate the sky

*                    *                    *

I don’t know what’s with these hands of yours, let’s contemplate the sky

As I hold them I grow stronger; more crowded

These nostalgic eyes of yours, they look as if lonely, as if trees

My stare will heat up your waters, they are heating up

I’m taking you to this extravagant place

You had countless windows, I shut them one by one

I shut them one by one so that you’d turn to me

The bus will come and off we’ll go

Choose a place where there’s no coming back, otherwise it’s tough

Your hands, my hands will do, we’ll handle that, it’ll do

I’m taking you away, saving you for myself, don’t stop, remind me of yourself

Don’t stop, remind me of yourself

Don’t stop, let’s contemplate the sky

Bu yazı English içinde yayınlandı ve , olarak etiketlendi. Kalıcı bağlantıyı yer imlerinize ekleyin.

2 Responses to Stop to Contemplate the Sky

  1. Fliegevogel dedi ki:

    I don’t know any “professional translation” but this one touched me. Poetry should be translated more often, we miss so much because we can’t learn every language.

  2. Duygu dedi ki:

    Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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